Los Remedios

"Hacienda Los Remedios: A historic refuge embraced by nature."

Rancho los Remedios is a unique, special and fascinating destination, it is a hacienda from 1800 that was used as a rest area for passengers of the train that passed through the place. It is surrounded by natural settings where we protect the tradition of vine cultivation. and wine production. We invite you to discover beautiful tree-lined paths, organic gardens and first-class amenities in a historic site located in the heart of Mexico a few minutes from San Miguel De Allende. – The Camino Real is an ancient grove, the story goes that the Indigenous people planted these trees, so that the souls would arrive faster between the chapels, they are trees with more than 300 years of life.


Welcome to Hacienda Los Remedios, located just 15 minutes from the center of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, an enclave of tranquility and history in a naturally enriched environment.

History and tradition

Relive the rich history that dates back to the 18th century, in a place that served as a rest for train travelers and where the priest Miguel Hidalgo left his mark during the Mexican War of Independence. The two Indian chapels and the path of ancient trees are living witnesses of the passage of time, offering you a home with deep roots in Mexican history.

Capillas de Indios

Immerse yourself in a historical tour by visiting our two Indian chapels, they will transport you to a time of deep history and tradition, creating a unique connection with the past.

Residential Lots

The residential lots vary between 1,600 m² and 4,500 m², offering the essence of the Hacienda with the presence of fruit trees such as avocado, peach or vineyards.

**Starting price:** 4,987,000 pesos.


Vineyard: With 8 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of various grapes, we invite you to immerse yourself in unique wine experiences, from picnics to guided tastings.

Organic Garden: Our farm houses organic orchards of peach, avocado and other fruits to provide you with fresh and healthy products.

Pool: (Coming soon) A space of tranquility with an infinite view is waiting for you.

Lake: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our lake, a natural sanctuary surrounded by endemic trees perfect for outdoor activities.

Paddle Court: A modern space for paddle tennis enthusiasts will be available soon.

Transportation and Concierge Service in San Miguel de Allende: Enjoy comfortable transfers to San Miguel de Allende where you will soon be able to use an extension of the vineyard for your comfort: a house with concierge service where you can take a break or put away your purchases.

Events: We believe that every event is special. Discover our spaces designed to create unforgettable memories.

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    • $1,530,000

    Casa Bermellón

    Campos Vinícolas, Los Remedios
    • $1,530,000
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    • 3 BA
    • 533
    • 2793 m2
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