Murals in San Miguel de Allende

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Have you visited the urban art museums that the streets of San Miguel de Allende offer us? Our city has been characterized by being the heart of national and foreign art over the years. Since the beginning of the 20th century, San Miguel has been the home of renowned plastic, pictorial and sculptural artists, as well as acclaimed photographers, musicians and writers. But, among all these expressions, there is an experience that you cannot miss: the mural art that runs through the streets of our city.

Muralism in Mexico has a long tradition. Since its beginnings in 1920, this artistic movement had the objective of capturing different visions on national identity, in addition to the social, political and economic situation of the country on public walls. Muralism has been a means of disseminating our culture, history and tradition that San Miguel de Allende has adopted as a fundamental part of its artistic expression. In our city, art has a life of its own and it sneaks into every corner, filling it with harmony, color and beauty.

If you want to admire the muralist tradition in San Miguel de Allende, you cannot miss:

  1. Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramírez “El Nigromante”:

This cultural center was inaugurated in 1755 and has become an incubator for generations dedicated to art and culture. Here you can find the unfinished work of David Alfaro Siqueiros dedicated to Don Ignacio Allende, as well as different murals by Pedro Martínez and Eleonor Cohen.

  1. Instituto Allende

The now Higher School of Art and Culture has a patio where you can contemplate the mural dedicated to fragments of the history of Mexico made by the painter David Leonardo.

  1. San Antonio Neighborhood

A tour of San Antonio will show you different characters that come to life on the streets and greet passersby. On your artistic walk you will come across scenes of daily life, surreal images, rituals, fantastic creatures, religious scenes, alebrijes and characters from Mexican cinema.

  1. Guadalupe Neighborhood

The neighborhood recognized for being a living gallery is undoubtedly Guadalupe. Here you can also find Mexican and international characters and artists who have transcended history. As you walk through its streets you will be able to appreciate new conceptualizations of mural art made by young people from San Miguel that portray their perspective of the world, and also give a message to the community in times of COVID.

Visit San Miguel de Allende and discover the art that lives in the veins of this city! Fall in love with each of its corners, know our history, our tradition and our culture reflected in each mural that adorns our streets.

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