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Café Roma Opens with Rooftop Pizza!

Fabiola & Luis Felipe Rodriguez, Ilse Sprecher & Andre Pascal (Medium)by Gregory Gunter

Fashionistas in San Miguel de Allende already know the André Pascal styling salon on Hernandez Macias in Centro.  After all, André–born in Marrakesh, trained in Madrid, most recently from southern California, and a stylist to the stars–does all the best “do’s” in town.

What you may not know is now André does pizza, too!

Café Roma, André’s most recent venture, perches rooftop above the salon and offers a skylight bar and rooftop pizza oven for the best fresh-baked pizza in town.  To kick off his new venture, André traded his place behind the stylist’s chair for a stand behind the rooftop bar, pouring libations for guests as they dined on fresh-baked pizza straight from the newly constructed wood-fired pizza oven during his recent Grand Opening.

Attended by all the beautiful people, everyone wore their best: Ilse, her little black dress; Inez, her best high heels; and Mecche, as always, her best smile!

Café Roma delivers, too, so you’ll excuse me now while I phone in my order for dinner, while signing my favorite Dean Martin: “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…!”