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Dining Spotlight on San Miguel!

Chiles en nogada, chiles in walnut sauce, at El Cardenal, a restaurant serving traditional Mexican cuisine that occupies three floors of a Parisian-style mansion in downtown Mexico City, Mexico.  Palma 23, www.elcardenal.com.mxby Gregory Gunter

Our friend Val hit Google gold with her blog today, coming up in my Daily Alert, and we wanted to share the juicy tidbits!  Her topic?  7 Cheap Eats!

Val’s blog This Way to Paradise profiles some of her favorite places to dine in San Miguel, and since Val is new to town, she’s been experimenting a lot!  She loves La Valentina Antojitos, where she says she is often the only gringa in the joint, perhaps part of why it’s still an affordable option.

Other favorites of Val’s?  Los Burritos at Hidalgo 23, El Tucan at Hernandez Macias #56, and La Alborado on Sollano #11.

We share a few favorites, Val and me: El Buen Café, way the heck over in the southern reaches of San Antonio at San Jorge #26, is worth the trip, especially if you’re departing from one of Béa’s or Stephen’s weekly Wednesday lectures at La Ostra Roja Theater just down the block at San Jorge #45.  And Café Muro, at Loreto 10-B, is not only good for a great meal, be sure to take a gander at the awesome photography on the walls from co-owner and photographer Fernando.  In fact, one of his graceful angels hangs on our own walls!

Thanks for the eating tips, Val–you can share your diet tips in another blog!