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Calenda’s James Bond Party!

Karen Wix, Johnny Favourite (Medium)by Gregory Gunter

All my fans that read me—both of you!—know I write thriller novels as a sideline, so it should come as no surprise that I’ve waited my whole life (yes, all 39 years of it!) to utter these infamous words:

“The name’s Bond.  James Bond.”

I finally had my chance at the recent James Bond Party, a fundraiser at the Hotel Nena’s highly-popular Calenda restaurant, run by the ever charming Karen Wix.  Karen’s place proves among the most popular restaurants in all of San Miguel de Allende.  And James Bond is only one reason why!

That’s Karen posing with local crooner and event co-chair, Johnny Favourite, whose tunes made the girls swoon, as always.  Johnny, you make a great Largo (go watch Thunderball again, Bond fans!), but stick to the singing—you’re better with both eyes.

Hey, who says they roll up the sidewalks in San Miguel at 007:00?  Not Bond, James Bond!